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Bilstein Volvo XC 90 V8 B6 Sport Shock Absorber

Bilstein B6

Bilstein B6Performance you can feel.

If you expect more damping power from your shock absorber – even under loads – but don’t want to opt for an all-out sports model, the BILSTEIN B6 is the ideal solution.

The product benefits at a glance:

  • Increased power reserves and service life, even when
    pulling transporters and trailers or during frequent journeys with loads
  • Optimum adhesion and enhanced lane change stability
    in both day-to-day and extreme situations
  • Marked improvement in safety and performance without
    additional spring changes (standard springs can be used)
  • BILSTEIN gas pressure technology
  • BILSTEIN mono-tube/Upside-Down technology, made in Germany
  • Road and track tested by BILSTEIN for fi ne tuning
  • No German TÜV registration required



20,832 kilometres through the 'Grüne Hölle': like subjecting a suspension to a Hamburg-Munich trip every day for a year, only faster!

Some combinations are simply unbeatable. Take, for example, the "Genius on wheels" plus the "Grüne Hölle": Walter Röhrl on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring.

Both the Nürburgring and the test centre in Papenburg offer us the ideal opportunity to carry out extensive tests using a variety of vehicles with different loads. High speed, cobblestones, rain - you can be sure that a BILSTEIN suspension unit meets the toughest demands. After all, it's already been through hell.


Gas Pressure Technology

Over time, the mono-tube gas pressure technology developed by BILSTEIN has established itself as a standard in automotive construction. This technology involves keeping the oil in the absorber under pressure, which prevents it from foaming when temperatures and loads are increasing. As a result, full damping power is retained even when the system is placed under extreme stress, a feature that can be observed in the self-lowering piston.

  • Ensures a high level of traction and more precise handling
  • A must-have for powerful sport suspensions
  • Added safety in all dynamic driving situations


BILSTEIN´s mono-tube technology

The original and best: The original mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers bore the BILSTEIN name, and we’re still responsible for producing the best there is. BILSTEIN’s mono-tube technology is the number-one choice in motorsports and series-production sports cars: no other type gives engineers the same freedom to choose the perfect installation location or position (e.g. Upside-Down technology).

  • Large effective surface on the working piston creates increased damping power and better handling
  • Improved dissipation of thermal energy outwards enables a consistently high level of absorber performance
  • Sturdy structure for added safety in Upside-Down Technology


Road-Tested by BILSTEIN

To achieve that celebrated BILSTEIN driving experience, our BILSTEIN engineers rely on not only technology that is truly at the cutting edge, but also something that has withstood the test of time: how it feels to the driver. As a result, all of our high-performance absorbers, as well as our sport suspensions and threaded ride height adjustable kits, undergo a rigorous testing programme.

On the Nürburgring and in our own test centre at the Papenburg test track, our drivers test how balanced the driving characteristics of various vehicles are in a variety of different driving situations. Only when they have passed this programme of tests with distinction are they allowed to bear the BILSTEIN name. This way, we can guarantee that celebrated BILSTEIN driving experience.

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